Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This Time A Leasing Company

We are one of the biggest foreign investors in Montenegro right now developing and building Mall of Montenegro and Green Bazaar projects.

We need a crane (cost is 90,000 Euro) and decided to buy it through leasing and decided to do it with XYZ company.

Most probably it is one of the biggest leasing projects in the market and, by the way until the end of the projects we will be leasing equipment worth up to 1.5 million Euro, so I consider our company as a very good potential customer for leasing companies.

Due to lack of experience, the leasing company did not know a lot of things including L/C (letter of credit) as a payment method for import. We trained them and I do not mind that.

What is bothering me is that ; when we have problems we want to talk to the contact person in the leasing company, and his reaction on the phone to our employees is “You are not our only customer, I am busy with other customers” and hang up the phone.

Do you think this leasing company will get the rest of my business ??? Certainly nooooo.

Please do not forget ; without a CUSTOMER you can not make business.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Bank Story

I have decided to apply for a credit card to my bank and I filled out the form and send it to the bank with my driver.

They refused to take the application form.

I have to submit the form personally – I do not know why I am not receiving the card I am just applying for it,

I have to submit a passport photo – I do not know why, again I am just applying, neither me nor they know if they will issue a card to me yet so what will they do with my picture.

I have to deposit 250 Euro for a 1 year call account (just transferred to the account 1,200 Dollars from abroad) – Again I am just applying, neither me nor they know if they will issue a card to me yet, why should i deposit the money in a call account.



Saturday, June 9, 2007

Make a loyal customer

There is this very famous Italian restaurant in Podgorica, always good food, good service. People are always smiling to you and I always get pleasure to eat in this restaurant. At the end you generally get a free desert, coffee or a drink.

I was there for lunch a few days ago with some people. Actually we were 3. We all head a full course but my main dish was late, the owners apologized saying that my food will be 5 minutes late.

So far so good but I did not get my food for quite awhile, others were almost finishing. I was hungry and very upset with the service. I was waiting for the others to finish and wanted to ask for the bill and leave without eating.

At this moment my food came, I have to honest it was delicious but I was still upset.

Finally I asked for the bill, I got it, it said ON THE HOUSE.

All my temper was down; I was even embarrassed about my feelings. They did not have to do that.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Change is encouraging - MONTENEGRO

Seeing change is very encouraging. This week I found out that Serbian Embasies started to issue Visa for Montenegro again which makes the post MONTENEGRO dated March 21, 2007 not valid as of this week.

Thank you....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Each complaint is an oppurtunity

If you know how to handle a complaint you can always win customers and make them loyal. I have borrowed the following from with the kind pemission of Erling Mitton, thank you Earling.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

More than a third of consumers would stay loyal to a firm if it apologised following a customer service failure, a survey suggests.

British Standards Institute (BSI) said a simple apology would suffice, yet in three-quarters of all cases of poor customer service none was offered.

Firms were seeing their profits cut as a result, the BSI added.

Overall, 76% of consumers said they had taken their business to a competitor as a result of poor customer service.

"Poor customer service is the largest cause of customers moving from one provider to another," Mike Low BSI Director said.

"Reducing customer defections has been found to boost profits in 25-85% of cases, yet in 73% of cases the organisations made no attempt to persuade dissatisfied customers to stay," he added.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Hotel at Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic coast, one of the most beautiful destinations in Montenegro where realizes the beauty this state possesses. However from the touristic point of view, Adriatic coast in Montenegro has to go through a vast development era regarding investments in infrastructure, construction of new resorts, better educated personnel with customer oriented approach to visitors. Most destinations in Montenegro are unaware of the importance of tourist satisfaction for repetitive visits.

I have stayed in several resorts in Montenegro however so far only one of them, which is supposedly one of the best in Montenegro, has left me with almost full satisfaction.

The moment I entered the hotel I realized I was facing a problem regarding my reservation; some guests decided to overstay one more day in my reserved room. So the lady in reception upgraded my room to a sea view room without any extra charges.

The next day I walked into the restaurant for breakfast. As I sat on my table and started to stare at the Adriatic, the waiter reached for the vase on the table and removed it. I was a bit disappointed as the flower was complementary to the view. After 1 minute, the same waiter came to the table with fresh flowers.

I was extremely surprised by the approach and service this hotel is offering to visitors. I will definitely visit this hotel again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Professional Service Company (!)

We started using the services of a well known software company here in Montenegro to set up our web site.

To make the long story short, we were not happy with the services for many reasons and we had to cancel our contract.

So far so good.

In order to continue we needed the password and we asked this company to supply us with these passwords. Ten days now and we do not have any reply although we reminded them several times.

Finally I asked to a good client of them who happens to be my friend to call them to see what is going on.

THEY WERE ANGRY WITH US because we canceled the contract.

This company is supposed to be one of the best.

Do you think they will survive long? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fish STORE in Podgorica

There is a fish store in Podgorica where you can find all sorts of fresh seafood. Just a regular store.

What makes this store different from the others (not only in Podgorica but many places that I have seen) is; by telephone you can give an order for a certain hour, and they will cook your order AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. This is wow services (with Tom Peter’s words.)

This is one of the most convenient services that a fish store may offer. A lot of them clean your fish, but think; you are buying FRESH-GRILLED fish for your dinner.

If I may say so Tom Peters, this is re-imaging. All you need is a little insight, be a little alert to watch people, to develop a customer service that will put your business far ahead from others.

I will not be surprised if this store will be the first store that will start taking orders on the Internet.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Mobile Phones

Although I do not like the idea of being dependent on mobile phones or have them with me all the time like the big brother, I use them. They are quite helpful tools, especially if you are living away from the family.

I have a mobile phone and I use the services of one of the service suppliers. In this case, “service” is a very funny word, because of 80% of the people calling me from abroad cannot reach me and 60% of the international calls I make are not successful. Remember, these service companies make money on the ‘service’ they deliver.

I certainly will try my luck with other operators and will not recommend this operator to anyone.



In retail world proper and good signage is one of the most important tools to direct your customers to your store (outside signage) and to direct them to different parts of your store (inside signage) to increase the turnover per customer.

Montenegro is very poor in respect of road signage, it is quite difficult to get destinations and in most cases you have to use your intuition.

I do not think that it is a high cost compared to the cost of advertisements placed on CNN.

Good signage will create happy customers with higher turnover.