Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This Time A Leasing Company

We are one of the biggest foreign investors in Montenegro right now developing and building Mall of Montenegro and Green Bazaar projects.

We need a crane (cost is 90,000 Euro) and decided to buy it through leasing and decided to do it with XYZ company.

Most probably it is one of the biggest leasing projects in the market and, by the way until the end of the projects we will be leasing equipment worth up to 1.5 million Euro, so I consider our company as a very good potential customer for leasing companies.

Due to lack of experience, the leasing company did not know a lot of things including L/C (letter of credit) as a payment method for import. We trained them and I do not mind that.

What is bothering me is that ; when we have problems we want to talk to the contact person in the leasing company, and his reaction on the phone to our employees is “You are not our only customer, I am busy with other customers” and hang up the phone.

Do you think this leasing company will get the rest of my business ??? Certainly nooooo.

Please do not forget ; without a CUSTOMER you can not make business.