Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fish STORE in Podgorica

There is a fish store in Podgorica where you can find all sorts of fresh seafood. Just a regular store.

What makes this store different from the others (not only in Podgorica but many places that I have seen) is; by telephone you can give an order for a certain hour, and they will cook your order AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. This is wow services (with Tom Peter’s words.)

This is one of the most convenient services that a fish store may offer. A lot of them clean your fish, but think; you are buying FRESH-GRILLED fish for your dinner.

If I may say so Tom Peters, this is re-imaging. All you need is a little insight, be a little alert to watch people, to develop a customer service that will put your business far ahead from others.

I will not be surprised if this store will be the first store that will start taking orders on the Internet.