Friday, March 23, 2007

Hotel in Budva

I am in a hotel in Budva. Nice and comfortable hotel. I just wanted to spend the Saturday night, due to the low season prices are good too, only 19E per night. Saturday night was nice, I slept well. Before going to bed I broke an ashtray by mistake. The very same ashtray that I bought for 1E per 2 the day before from a supermarket. I got up early, went out for a cup of coffee and returned back to meet my friends.

I asked for the bill, the receptionist gave me the bill, wow what is that, extra 10E for the damages. Damages is the broken 50c. ashtray.

That destroys the whole weekend.

Shall I ever go to that hotel again? Of course not, and I will tell this story to everyone who thinks going to that hotel.