Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Hotel at Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic coast, one of the most beautiful destinations in Montenegro where realizes the beauty this state possesses. However from the touristic point of view, Adriatic coast in Montenegro has to go through a vast development era regarding investments in infrastructure, construction of new resorts, better educated personnel with customer oriented approach to visitors. Most destinations in Montenegro are unaware of the importance of tourist satisfaction for repetitive visits.

I have stayed in several resorts in Montenegro however so far only one of them, which is supposedly one of the best in Montenegro, has left me with almost full satisfaction.

The moment I entered the hotel I realized I was facing a problem regarding my reservation; some guests decided to overstay one more day in my reserved room. So the lady in reception upgraded my room to a sea view room without any extra charges.

The next day I walked into the restaurant for breakfast. As I sat on my table and started to stare at the Adriatic, the waiter reached for the vase on the table and removed it. I was a bit disappointed as the flower was complementary to the view. After 1 minute, the same waiter came to the table with fresh flowers.

I was extremely surprised by the approach and service this hotel is offering to visitors. I will definitely visit this hotel again.